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Período: Sob demanda.

Carga Horária: Vamos definir juntos!


This course is designed for you, english teacher, if you want to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing as you learn a new course content. 

when you become a certified zenglish teacher, you can use the ‘zenglish methodology’ to teach your  students.

The course has 42 classes plus a final moment of presentation of your mandala.

The course is divided in 14 days of 3-hour classes.

* Level of english b2-c1
* Letter of intent explaining why you would like to take this course
* Interview with Cláudia Mol

Cláudia Mol started her professional life as a Biologist and after almost finishing her Master’s in Microbiology, gave up everything and decided to pursue a career as an English teacher.  After teaching in different schools, she decided to start her own business and that’s when, in 1996, she opened Blue Bell Idiomas. Since then, she has taught all ages and courses, trained teachers and, traveled the world as a Study Abroad Consultant. She chose to be a teacher because she loves people and that’s exactly her company’s motto: WE LOVE PEOPLE AND  KNOW-HOW!
From an early age, she’s felt a deep connection with the spiritual realms and knows that even the name of her school was God-given (Bluebell is the flower of the fairies). She considers herself a soul seeker and has been healing herslef by studying different traditions and healing methods. When she came up with the idea of starting Zenglish in 2011 she saw the possibility of bringing both her passions together: teaching and spirituality. Although she’s not a therapist and doesn’t specialize in any of the topics she discusses in the course, she feels Zenglish has a deeper purpose and can reach different people in an unpretentious way!

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